Genesis Wildlife News
May Rescues May, 2013
This month-May, we released 1 bobcat, several grey and red squirrels, 2 Barred Owls, and re-homed the last of the horses from our March-April horse rescue." We received our first ever otter orphan. Cutest little thing that bites----HARD!
Update: Genesis Fights Back May, 2013
We had our day in court and it went very well. We'll have our answer in a few days.
Horses Rescued January, 2013
Genesis is currently providing rescue for 16 starving horses. These horses were owned by a person who used these magnificent horses for show and won recognition nationwide. When the money dwindled, the horses were left to starve in pastures and stalls.
Bobcat Rescued December, 2012
She was hit by a car in Wilkesboro fracturing the lower right back leg. Her initial x-ray was taken by Howard Johnson, DVM, animal Hospital of Boone, who arranged to have the surgery at half normal cost...
Genesis Fights Back September, 2012
In 1999 the Town of Beech Mountain entered into a land lease with Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary near Buckeye Lake, wherein Genesis could build a health care and educational facility for injured and abandoned birds and wild animals...
2012 Letter of Appeal Apr 2, 2012
For over 19 years, GENESIS WILDLIFE SANCTUARY has been all about rescuing and releasing wildlife on Beech Mountain . . .
Summer Program Hours To Be Announced Apr 24, 2012
Spring Means Babies! Mar 1 2012
Please remember that wildlife orphan season has already begun in warmer climates. Please keep your cats indoors. If a baby bird or mammal cannot be returned to its nest or area from which it came, contact your local rehabilitator for guidance. Remember...
Groundhog's Day - The Predictions are In Jan 2 2012
Our very own, Denise Shadduck and Sir Walter Wally head to Raleigh With thermos in hand and collard greens packed gently in a knapsack, the famous day had arrived. Our trusty Groundhog, Sir Walter Wally, made his yearly trek from our humble abode atop B...
Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary - A New Beginning July 28 2011
Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary's one-time rehabilitation center, located in a geodesic dome adjacent to Buckeye Recreation Center, was a major point of interest in Beech Mountain for more than 10 ten years.