Educational Programs

Look for these Summer Programs in 2012

Ages 16-18 - Junior Intern Program - All Year

2012 Junior Intern Program - Teenagers ages 16-18 are invited to apply for our Junior Intern Program help all year at Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary. Available to high school and college students, this internship involves a 40-hour minimum requirement. Completion is expected within one semester. In the last half of the internship, student will assist with supervision of Junior interns and volunteers, will perform without direct assistance, will prepare wildlife diets, maintain hygiene of habitats, exercise judgment and care of new patient intakes and directly assist with the handling of injured wildlife.

Two junior interns will be selected per week. They will work closely with a full-time instructor, following wildlife cases from admission through release, taking an active part in the animal's care.

Cost for the internship is $250.
Call the center for more information.

Graduate Internship - All Year

2012 College Intern Program For students in college, we offer a 8-week to 16-week comprehensive teaching program. The latter is a 300 hour minimum internship to be completed within a 6- month period.

This position is generally filled by a student with an advanced interest in wildlife biology or pre-veterinary program. This position may also include a live-in opportunity and a stipend. Call for details.

This internship may be performed for college credit. Be sure to contact us well in advance, so that we can make the appropriate arrangements with your institution.

Call the center for more information.

Year-Round Traveling Public Education Programs

The staff at Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary is happy to announce that we have expanded our educational focus! We now offer a wide variety of free educational programs for the public. We are happy to visit school auditoriums, individual classes, scout gatherings and community meetings. We tend to tailor an educational visit to meet the needs of your current group and curriculum.

We are always open to further suggestions and requests. Let us know what YOU want!

As a non-profit our education programs are run by volunteers. We ask for a tax-deductible contribution for an off-site traveling education program. Price is based off location (distance), length of program, and type of group. Please call the center for more information.

Basic Programs

  • Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary: (all ages) Description: General info about Genesis Wildlife, native animals of North Carolina, and respect for wildlife. Specific accounts of the non-releasable animals brought, and a final question and answer session.
    Animals: Hawk, Owl, two Mammals
    Time: specify 30 to 90 minutes
  • Share the World: (elementary school) Description: Follow-up program for
      Share the World
    video. To reinforce lessons on respect and compassion for animals.
    Animals: Two wild animals, domestic Iguana and Ferret
    Time: specify 30 to 60 minutes

    Wildlife Programs

    • Creatures of the Night: (elem. to adult) Description: All about the lives of nocturnal animals' habitats, eyesight, diets, and other adaptations for this lifestyle.
      Animals: 2 Owls, Opossum, Flying Squirrel.
      Time: specify 30 to 90 minutes
    • Animals Nobody Loves: (elem. to adult) Description: An introduction to the little-loved, less-known wildlife of North Carolina. How they acquired their bad reputation, why they are important to the ecosystem, and what makes them unique and respectable.
      Animals: Opossum, Crow, Groundhog, Raptor
      Time: specify 30 to 90 minutes
    • Dealing With Winter : (elementary to adult) Description: A close-up view of four North Carolina animals and how they cope with our heavy winters. Learn about Hibernation, Food Stashing, Physical Adaptations, Migration, Habitat building, and more!
      Animals: Groundhog, Owl, Hawk, Flying Squirrel
      Time: specify 30 to 90 minutes
    • Amazing Animal Mothers: (elem. to adult) Description: Motherhood in the animal kingdom, the amazing ways that animals bring up their young in North Carolina's harsh outdoor world.
      Animals: Opossum, Crow, Squirrel, Raptor
      Time: specify 30 to 90 minutes
    • Raptors: Hunters of the Sky (elem. to adult) Description: Face-to-face encounter with four fascinating birds of prey. What makes them such successful hunters, how they capture their prey in the daytime or darkness, and other unique and special features. (Owl pellet workshop encouraged as a supplement to this program.)
      Animals: Hawk, Kestrel, and 2 Owls
      Time: specify 30 to 90 minutes

    Environment / Ecology

    • Biodiversity (elementary to high school) Description: What is biodiversity? How is biodiversity important to an ecosystem? Hands-on class activity to illustrate the concept of biodiversity, and an introduction to a sample of North Carolina's diverse wildlife.
      Animals: Raptor, Opossum, Songbird, Groundhog
      Time: specify 60 to 90 minutes
    • Rainforests: (elementary and middle school) Description: Discussion of the plight of rainforests, and ways we can better utilize tropical forest resources. Hands-on class activity with rainforest-derived products. Excellent interactive supplement to rainforest curriculum.
      Animals: Iguana and Cockatiel for programs longer than 1 hour.
      Time: specify 30 to 90 minutes
    • Natural Resources "our Right or Responsibility": (elem. through adult) Description: An overview of natural resources, what they are, how we utilize them, and how they are extracted from the earth. Tips on how to best conserve our resources, review of the three R's, and hands-on recycling games.
      Animals: Hawk or Owl, and one Mammal
      Time: specify 60 to 90 minutes
    • Happy Holidays! Environmentally Healthy Holiday Choices: (middle school to adult) Description: Discussion of commercially driven holiday culture and the effects of this lifestyle on the environment. Suggestions for non-commercial gift and celebration ideas. Also, the implications of pets as gifts. Recommended for church and/or community groups.
      Animals: Owl, Hawk, and one Mammal
      Time: specify 30 to 90 minutes

    Other Programs

    Scout Badge Programs: (elem. to high)

    Description: Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary offers opportunities to work towards a variety of Boy Scout and Girl Scout merit badges. Completing a badge may require visits to the center, as well as volunteer time. Call to inquire about your specific needs!
    Animals: vary according to program
    Time: varies according to program and needs