Genesis Wildlife News

Horses Rescued

January 2013

Genesis Rescues HorsesGenesis is currently providing rescue for 16 starving horses. These horses were owned by a person who used these magnificent horses for show and won recognition nationwide. When the money dwindled, the horses were left to starve in pastures and stalls. Rather than re-home them or request help, this person preferred to save face in the horse world by just letting them quietly die out of sight.

We had all the horses vaccinated and Coggins tested. A friend is allowing us to use their barn while we bring the horses back to health. Several of the horses have been adopted to knowledgeable new owners.

Our most expensive product is the bedding. At $6.00 a bale and each horse requiring 3 bales a day, it adds up fast! As soon as we strip their stalls and place fresh bedding, the horses plop down and roll in it. The horse shown above was one of the worst and we had doubts that she could be saved. While still needing 300 lbs., she is showing improvement and has a loving nature.

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