Genesis Wildlife News

Bobcat Rescued

Dec 25 2012

Injured Bobcat comes to GenesisShe was hit by a car in Wilkesboro fracturing the lower right back leg. Her initial x-ray was taken by Howard Johnson, DVM, animal Hospital of Boone, who arranged to have the surgery at half normal cost by Dr. Aderhold in Wilkesboro.

She now has a 4 month rehabilitation phase at Genesis. Three of those months will be spent in a 4’ x 8’ x 2’ high cage to prevent any climbing. She is fierce! Her cage is filled in 3/4 of the cage with pine bedding, enclosed on 3 sides and 1/2 of the top in windproof barn curtain.

A guillotine door separates her from her 2’ x’ 4’ den and feeding area. That allows us to clean each portion of her cage without allowing her to attack us! This has worked well in the past with similar animals. She is under cover and out of the wind.

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