Genesis Wildlife News

Spring Means Babies!

Mar 20 2012
Baby Squirrels descend upon GenesisPlease remember that wildlife orphan season has already begun in warmer climates. Please keep your cats indoors. If a baby bird or mammal cannot be returned to its nest or area from which it came, contact your local rehabilitator for guidance. Remember also that fawns are left for extended periods of time. As babies, they have essentially no odor of their own. Mom feeds, cleans the baby, and gets out so as not to leave her scent. The same goes for bunnies. Please do not assume that an unattended fawn or bunny nest needs rescue. Observe them over an eight hour period. Deer will not likely visit the fawn if they detect your presence. Watch from a distance. If flies surround the fawn, or the mother is known to be dead, or the fawn is injured, call your local rehabilitator. A licensed rehabber can be found by visiting the NWRA Wildlife Site

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