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Groundhog's Day - The Predictions are In

Jan 3 2012

Our very own, Denise Shadduck and Sir Walter Wally head to Raleigh

With thermos in hand and collard greens packed gently in a nap sack, the famous day had arrived. Our trusty Groundhog, Sir Walter Wally, made his yearly trek from our humble abode atop Beech Mountain to the Museum on Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC. His mission, predict the demise of Winter for 2011. His nose was sharp, his feet were sharper. The air was thick with anticipation. The children gathered around their wise fuzzy Yoda. News crews narrowed their focus. The crowd leaned in as if to hear a whisper. Wally rubbed his paws together in preparation. Wally was eight years wise and could do this with his hands tied behind his back. His entourage, Denise and Ron Shadduck, helped him with his equipment. He came out, sniffed gracefully, looked left, then right, and finally down. And it was written, no shadow, short winter. The crowd gasped. OK, they didn't gasp. Instead they took turns asking questions and meeting Wally.

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